Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Day In My Life...

I figure that since I am reintroducing myself I should start with a current day in my life to show you what I am up to. We are pretty consistent on routine around here M-F since Kennedy is still on two naps a day schedule. Gosh I wish kids stayed that way forever!

Around 6.45am: Madison wakes up and walks into my room. She never used to wake this early but I think because we have her potty trained now she wakes because she needs to pee. Reminder to self: stop letting her take juice to bed! Every single morning you can bet I tell her to go straight downstairs and whisper because her sister is still asleep. Madison has absolutely no concept of an "indoor voice" and for a 32lb little girl she sure can stomp around on my hardwood floors.

Around 7am: I usually settle Madison on the sofa with breakfast and turn on some morning cartoons. She is allowed to watch PBS Kids or Disney Junior shows and she eats cereal, turkey bacon or fruit for breakfast. During this time I start cleaning up around the house, sterilizing bottles, letting the dog out etc.

Around 8am: Kennedy wakes up and I hear her start talking to herself. I still get a shock when I walk into her room and see her standing in her crib waiting for me. She is getting so big so quick! I get her up and feed her an 8oz bottle and then she will sit in her highchair and feed herself Cheerios.

8.30-10am: We play in the girls bedrooms as I make beds and get them dressed for the day.

Around 10am: Kennedy goes down for her first hour nap of the day. The length of the nap depends on how loud her darling sister is. During this time I tend to try and catch up on blogs and emails.

Around 11am: Kennedy has another bottle of milk and this is usually when we head out and either run errands or head to the playground/out on a walk.

Around 1pm: Lunchtime! No TV allowed, we sit at the dining table when Kennedy is in her highchair and we all eat together. This is fun because Madison talks so much now so there is never a dull moment!

Around 1.30pm: Naptime Hallelujah!!! I am normally completely worn out by this point and pray that Madison is too although lately she has been napping only about 2 days a week. She knows though that even if she doesn't nap she has to go into her room with the door shut and play for about an hour quietly before she comes out. Mama needs some alone time!

Around 3pm: Both girls are up for the afternoon. Kennedy has another bottle and we go down to the playroom in the basement to waste away some hours of fun with painting, puzzles and books.

5pm: Dinnertime for Kennedy! Madison will usually settle on the sofa for some downtime and cartoons when I feed Kennedy (and pour myself a glass of wine!)

5.30pm: Bathtime for both girls which they ADORE! They would literally stay in there for hours together if I would let them but the water gets too cold and I still worry about Kennedy being so young and getting sick. I battle with Madison to let me wash her hair most nights.... Don't even get me started on the arguments to brush her teeth!

6pm: Kennedy plays in the living room when I organize dinner for Madison and the hubby usually walks in the door. He can tell when I have had a bad day with them and can generally judge how much he needs to take over at this point...I married a Saint!

6.30pm: Bedtime for Kennedy. Madison goes down to the playroom for some quiet time before bed and the hubby and I sit and eat dinner.

7.30-8pm: Madison goes to bed and the hubby and I breathe a huge sigh of relief as he sings the song "It's the most wonderful time of the day" that he made up haha. We will then usually relax on the sofa and catch up on DVRd shows and head to bed around 9.30pm to wake up and do it all over again the next day,

Can you handle all that fun people?! Ha ohhhhh life with two children aged three and under!!

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  1. At least you have it down to a routine! Sounds fantastic! What I would have given for my twins to wait until 8 AM to wake up - they were 5 AM babies!