Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Today my best friend welcomes home her husband from an 8 month deployment and I couldn't be happier for them. Not only is it amazing timing for 4th of July weekend but they have a precious little girl who has grown so much so it is time for him to be home and witness it all : ) I literally have been close to tears all day thinking about it and I know that part of the emotions are excitement for her but honestly part of it is that it just rears all my past feelings. It brings me back to the night I waited on a parade field at 2am for my hubby to come home after 12 months. It just takes one second to remember the excitement, the nerves, the fear. It may have been 2.5 years ago but I can still remember it like it was yesterday and thinking about it can still reduce me to tears. I am praying for all of the families who are going through separation and deployments on this 4th of July xoxo

Monday, 1 July 2013

Rainy Monday

Today is a grey and wet Monday but that is perfect for us right now as we need the excuse to chill out in pyjamas and not leave the house after a fun fun fun three day weekend! Friday we left the kids with a babysitter and the hubby and I ended up in Kings Dominion for the day, we are big rollercoaster fans so we had the best time and ended it with a frozen daiquiri and a relaxing drive home before bracing ourselves to walk in the door to our children again haha. Saturday we spent at the pool and then we had a date night with another couple which was great except for the fact that there was a bar crawl going on which provided good entertainment but got a little bit annoying by the end as I cringed and realized that I probably acted like that in public at times...oops! Then Sunday was another pool day ending in dinner with my FIL and BIL : ) We have met the best couple with a little girl that is Madison's age so we have been hanging out with them a lot at the pool and planning playdates, why do you always meet people right before you PCS?!!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Girl's Night

Tonight I am heading out for dinner with one of my girlfriends who lives up here and I am so excited! This may sound pathetic but I feel better even after just driving around the block in my car by myself let alone going out for dinner. I think being a SAHM to a needy baby and a chatty three year old sometimes it is just nice to get in the car, roll your windows down and play your music as loud as you want all by yourself. Don't worry I turn it down at traffic lights, I am not that obnoxious! I have to admit though I am that girl who plans things and then when it comes down to the event I always want to cancel. I get overwhelmed with the girls and leaving them and making sure I am ready in time and they are ok at home. I also feel guilty asking my husband to look after them when he has been at work since 5am that morning. Luckily the hubby always encourages me to go and it is always so much fun and I never regret it : ) Sometimes you just need to take the time away from your family, it doesn't make you any less of a Mum or wife, all it is me taking the precious time to remember to just be a 26 yr old every now and then : )

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Laptop Help!

Ok people it is no secret that when I started this blog again I couldn't wait to be a part of Trendy Tot Tuesday with Modern Camelot but right now I cannot get anything to work. Every time I try to attach a photo to an email or upload a photo to my blogpost my Internet stops working and it restarts the web page. Why?!! Is this just my laptop trying to get me to take a visit to Best Buy AGAIN or is there something off in my settings where I can't add attachments?!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Weekend Recap

I hope you all had a great weekend! We ended up with an accidental 3 day together so we were all very happy about that : )

On Friday we woke up bright and early to head to a marriage retreat with our Battalion Chaplain for the morning which we were excited for because 1. we think he's great and 2. who doesn't need to sit and focus on marriage every now and then and 3. free childcare and a beautiful view of the Potomac...hello! Slight problem though, the childcare didn't show up and so the retreat ended up getting cancelled and we were all sent home. Mr Soldier and I were disappointed obviously because we love learning new things and bringing the Bible into our marriage BUT it was 84 degrees outside and we suddenly had the whole day together so we looked on the bright side, packed a picnic and a bag and headed to the pool with the girls.

On Friday night we had a babysitter come over so that we could go on a quick date night so we filled some solo cups with wine, packed ANOTHER picnic and walked down the road to the park where they have free concerts on Friday. It was low key and perfect and the singers were great!

Saturday was another fun day at the pool with the kids and one thing I have worked out is that I am guaranteed a naptime from both girls if we wear them out with sunshine and swimming in the morning which is always a good thing! Then Saturday night we had my old college roommate and her new husband come over for dinner...Mexican themed of course because coronas, sangria and tacos are always a hit with people. It was so great to see her after 5 years apart!

By the time we got to Sunday we were completely exhausted so we had a lazy pajama day and ate way too much food and watched about 3 movies...when I say watched I mean with kids climbing on us and pressing pause a million times but hey that's life : )

Friday, 21 June 2013

The Why Phase

I guess one of the reasons why I have started blogging again is to get things out there and off my chest since most of the day I am talking to a three year old who understands me but chooses to ignore me half the time and a 9 month old who has NO idea what I am saying. For those of you who know me my three year old is quite a handful, a funny, intelligent one who I love but boy does she give me a run for my money...I have no idea where she got it from?! Right now we are in the "why" phase of life. People why did you not warn me about this?!

A typical conversation goes as follows:

Madison: Mum can I use your make up too?

Me: You can use some of the lip gloss but nothing else.

Madison: WHY?

Me: Because it is for big girls

Madison: Why is it for big girls?

Me: Because I said so

Madison: Why do you say so....

This is where I wish I had the patience and the personality to say something sweet like "Oh sweetie one day we will do make up together but right now isn't the time" but usually I shut down and pray she stops saying the why word and try to distract her with something else. That is until she says something completely ridiculous like "But Mum why are you answering my questions" which is when I walk away and want to cry!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Day In My Life...

I figure that since I am reintroducing myself I should start with a current day in my life to show you what I am up to. We are pretty consistent on routine around here M-F since Kennedy is still on two naps a day schedule. Gosh I wish kids stayed that way forever!

Around 6.45am: Madison wakes up and walks into my room. She never used to wake this early but I think because we have her potty trained now she wakes because she needs to pee. Reminder to self: stop letting her take juice to bed! Every single morning you can bet I tell her to go straight downstairs and whisper because her sister is still asleep. Madison has absolutely no concept of an "indoor voice" and for a 32lb little girl she sure can stomp around on my hardwood floors.

Around 7am: I usually settle Madison on the sofa with breakfast and turn on some morning cartoons. She is allowed to watch PBS Kids or Disney Junior shows and she eats cereal, turkey bacon or fruit for breakfast. During this time I start cleaning up around the house, sterilizing bottles, letting the dog out etc.

Around 8am: Kennedy wakes up and I hear her start talking to herself. I still get a shock when I walk into her room and see her standing in her crib waiting for me. She is getting so big so quick! I get her up and feed her an 8oz bottle and then she will sit in her highchair and feed herself Cheerios.

8.30-10am: We play in the girls bedrooms as I make beds and get them dressed for the day.

Around 10am: Kennedy goes down for her first hour nap of the day. The length of the nap depends on how loud her darling sister is. During this time I tend to try and catch up on blogs and emails.

Around 11am: Kennedy has another bottle of milk and this is usually when we head out and either run errands or head to the playground/out on a walk.

Around 1pm: Lunchtime! No TV allowed, we sit at the dining table when Kennedy is in her highchair and we all eat together. This is fun because Madison talks so much now so there is never a dull moment!

Around 1.30pm: Naptime Hallelujah!!! I am normally completely worn out by this point and pray that Madison is too although lately she has been napping only about 2 days a week. She knows though that even if she doesn't nap she has to go into her room with the door shut and play for about an hour quietly before she comes out. Mama needs some alone time!

Around 3pm: Both girls are up for the afternoon. Kennedy has another bottle and we go down to the playroom in the basement to waste away some hours of fun with painting, puzzles and books.

5pm: Dinnertime for Kennedy! Madison will usually settle on the sofa for some downtime and cartoons when I feed Kennedy (and pour myself a glass of wine!)

5.30pm: Bathtime for both girls which they ADORE! They would literally stay in there for hours together if I would let them but the water gets too cold and I still worry about Kennedy being so young and getting sick. I battle with Madison to let me wash her hair most nights.... Don't even get me started on the arguments to brush her teeth!

6pm: Kennedy plays in the living room when I organize dinner for Madison and the hubby usually walks in the door. He can tell when I have had a bad day with them and can generally judge how much he needs to take over at this point...I married a Saint!

6.30pm: Bedtime for Kennedy. Madison goes down to the playroom for some quiet time before bed and the hubby and I sit and eat dinner.

7.30-8pm: Madison goes to bed and the hubby and I breathe a huge sigh of relief as he sings the song "It's the most wonderful time of the day" that he made up haha. We will then usually relax on the sofa and catch up on DVRd shows and head to bed around 9.30pm to wake up and do it all over again the next day,

Can you handle all that fun people?! Ha ohhhhh life with two children aged three and under!!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Oh hello there...

...Well I am back. Where do I start?

I had some very valid reasons to delete my old blog. It had lost meaning to me and had become a burden which is far from what it was meant to be but yet I miss writing. I miss the blogging world and the support that it can bring with it and so I decided to start fresh and give it another go.

When I initially started The Sand Is Different Here it was October 2009.... I was pregnant with my first child and my husband was deploying for 12 months but a LOT has changed and so here I am ready to redefine my blog and reintroduce myself to you all again.... are you ready?!


***I am a (far from perfect) wife to an amazing soldier. He is my Hero and I adore him and worship him but sometimes he only knows that because I gush about him online. We have been together five years and marries for almost four and I need to work on being better in my marriage every day. Doesn't everyone?!

***I am a Stay At Home Mum to two little girls. They are my princesses and they make me laugh every day and sometimes cry every day. This is the toughest job in the world and I am very honest about how I am not always cut out for it. If you are friends with me on Facebook you probably want me to stop posting hundreds of photos of them every day!

***I am far from "crunchy" but don't judge those who are. I think we can all learn from each other and I simply choose what is easiest for my girls and I every day which includes formula, disposable diapers and sleeping in their own rooms from two weeks old.

***Did you see how I said "Mum" there?! Yep, I am not American hence the name Expat Girl. I was raised in Dublin, London, Edinburgh and Marbella. I may not be from here but having served this country as a military spouse I tear up at the National Anthem every time.

***I was a straight A student through school and college and yet I don't know what I want to be when I "grow up"!

***I don't have a huge group of girlfriends because hey life is busy but I want to work on that and be better at setting up social outings for my own sanity.

***I shop A LOT and my husband would back this statement up quickly. He would probably prefer I was working in an office so that I didn't have naptimes to shop online or rainy days to take the kids to the mall. Hell he would prefer a double income too!

***I was raised Catholic by Irish parents but I haven't gone to Church consistently since I was in school and so I am looking to get back to that routine and fill that void in my life but I still need to work on my cursing!

***I never had weight issues growing up and so now that I am still 17lbs away from my pre-baby weight I complain about it A LOT and yet have not 100% committed to a weight loss journey yet. I like pizza and wine too much.....

***I have an 85lb German Shepherd who I don't walk enough because I don't have time but we sure do love her and adore her.

***I want to redecorate my house every day of my life.... but when I am not doing that I would be happy to lie by the pool every other day. Who's with me?!

So what category is this new blog going to fit into? I have no idea....Wife, Mum, Army, Going Back to Work, Fashion, Leaving The Military, Toddler Meltdowns? I guess it will be all encompassing as life happens and I hope to build back up the network I once had online. Thanks for coming back!